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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Admiral Pike (n) 83<DT>R.H.V.F.D.[3:497:9]
Admiral Pike (pn) 83<DT>Talos IV[3:499:5]
Admiral Pike (pn) 83<DT>Number 2[3:499:5m]
Big Kev (n) 158<DT>7 Keeper[6:1:4]
Big Kev (n) 158<DT>new moon 2[6:1:4m]
Big Kev (n) 157<DT>8 Keeper[6:116:5]
Big Kev (n) 157<DT>Moon[6:116:5m]
Big Kev (n) 157<DT>1 Keeper[6:351:6]
Big Kev (n) 158<DT>2 Keeper[6:352:6]
Big Kev (n) 158<DT>3 Keeper[6:353:5]
Big Kev (n) 158<DT>4 Keeper[6:354:6]
Big Kev (n) 158<DT>5 Keeper[6:356:5]
Capt. Jabo (n) 58<DT>Foxtrot-1[1:192:1]
Capt. Jabo (n) 58<DT>Moon Station Foxtrot[1:192:1m]
Capt. Jabo (n) 59<DT>Alpha Space Station[1:446:12]
Capt. Jabo (n) 59<DT>Moon[1:446:12m]
Capt. Jabo (n) 59<DT>Beta Station[1:446:2]
Capt. Jabo (n) 59<DT>Moon Base Beta[1:446:2m]
Capt. Jabo (n) 58<DT>Echo Space Station[2:118:4]
Capt. Jabo (n) 58<DT>Moon Station Echo-1[2:118:4m]
Capt. Jabo58<DT>Houston Space Station[4:113:13]
Capt. Jabo58<DT>Moon Station Houstion[4:113:13m]
Capt. Jabo (N) 59<DT>Deep Space 1[5:25:2]
Capt. Jabo (N) 59<DT>Moon Station Deep Space-1[5:25:2m]
Captain Canuck3 (pn) 12<DT>1Kanata[1:450:12]
Captain Canuck3 (pn) 12<DT>BLeft Cheek[1:450:12m]
Captain Canuck3 (pn) 12<DT>2Venus[1:450:5]
Captain Canuck3 (pn) 12<DT>Moon[1:450:5m]
Captain Canuck3 (pn) 12<DT>3Mercury[1:450:6]
Captain Canuck3 (pn) 12<DT>Moon[1:450:6m]
Captain Canuck3 (N) 13<DT>5Jupiter[2:491:15]
Captain Canuck3 (N) 13<DT>4Mars[2:491:6]
Captain Canuck3 (N) 13<DT>CCrackhole[2:491:6m]
Captain Canuck312<DT>7Uranus[7:490:6]
Captain Canuck312<DT>6Saturn[7:490:8]
Captain Canuck312<DT>HRight Cheek[7:490:8m]
Captain Canuck312<DT>8Neptune[10:430:3]
Captain Canuck312<DT>ABig One[10:430:3m]
Captain Canuck312<DT>9Pluto[10:430:4]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Axanar[3:499:9]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Ranaxa[3:499:9m]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 153<DT>Colony[6:404:4]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 153<DT>Colony[6:407:4]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Colony[10:420:1]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Colony[10:420:2]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Colony[10:420:3]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Colony[10:420:4]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Izar[10:420:5]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Razi[10:420:5m]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Colony[10:420:6]
Captain Kelvar Garth (n) 152<DT>Colony[10:420:7]
Commander 5345011 (pn) 95<DT>Colony[4:404:9]
Commander 5345011 (pn) 95<DT>Moon[4:404:9m]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Colony[6:403:8]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Moon[6:403:8m]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Colony[6:403:9]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Moon[6:403:9m]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Colony[6:404:8]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Moon[6:404:8m]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Colony[7:227:6]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Moon[7:227:6m]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Colony[8:404:7]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Moon[8:404:7m]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Colony[9:404:9]
Commander 5345011 (n) 97<DT>Colony[10:404:12]
commander linnear (N) 67<DT>kernow[1:468:14]
commander linnear (N) 67<DT>eyes on you[1:468:14m]
commander linnear68<DT>Colony[2:400:9]
commander linnear68<DT>Moon[2:400:9m]
commander linnear67<DT>Colony[3:127:8]
commander linnear67<DT>Moon[3:127:8m]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>Dark angel[4:499:15]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>Moon[4:499:15m]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>summer retreat[4:499:5]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>Moon[4:499:5m]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>mimba[5:138:3]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>Moon[5:138:3m]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>tiamat[6:101:14]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>Moon[6:101:14m]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>eridu[8:101:15]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>Moon[8:101:15m]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>nergal[9:86:6]
commander linnear (n) 67<DT>Moon[9:86:6m]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Noobtropia[1:316:9]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Noob noob[1:316:9m]
Commander noob143<DT>Devonia[2:465:5]
Commander noob143<DT>Dumpling[2:465:5m]
Commander noob (n) 151<DT>Cornovii[3:322:9]
Commander noob (n) 151<DT>Pasty[3:322:9m]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Linnears girl[4:499:7]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Button Moon[4:499:7m]
Commander noob (n) 144<DT>Robs woman[5:338:6]
Commander noob (n) 144<DT>Robs Moon[5:338:6m]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Yes me lord[6:115:8]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Me lords Moon[6:115:8m]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Super mum[7:334:6]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Mums Moon[7:334:6m]
Commander noob (n) 143<DT>Colony[8:101:9]
Congo the Great136<DT>Colony[2:493:7]
Congo the Great136<DT>Moon[2:493:7m]
Congo the Great136<DT>Colony[2:495:8]
Congo the Great136<DT>Moon[2:495:8m]
Congo the Great136<DT>Colony[3:3:7]
Congo the Great136<DT>Moon[3:3:7m]
Congo the Great (n) 134<DT>Colony[3:99:6]
Congo the Great (n) 134<DT>Moon[3:99:6m]
Congo the Great (n) 134<DT>Homeworld[4:27:8]
Congo the Great (n) 134<DT>Moon[4:27:8m]
Congo the Great (n) 134<DT>Colony[4:27:9]
Congo the Great (n) 134<DT>Moon[4:27:9m]
Congo the Great (n) 136<DT>Colony[6:400:9]
Congo the Great (n) 136<DT>Colony[7:27:7]
Congo the Great (n) 136<DT>Moon[7:27:7m]
Congo the Great (n) 136<DT>Colony[7:28:7]
Congo the Great (n) 136<DT>Moon[7:28:7m]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Machu Picchu[1:248:4]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Quetzalcoatl[1:248:4m]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>USS ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE[1:248:9h]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Campi Flegrei ☄️[2:248:15]
Destroyer of Worlds36<DT>Helms Deep[3:134:4]
Destroyer of Worlds36<DT>Eye of Sauron[3:134:4m]
Destroyer of Worlds36<DT>Sweet Home Alabama[3:257:11]
Destroyer of Worlds36<DT>Canadian Observation Post[3:257:11m]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Teotihuacan[3:274:4]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Pyramid of the Moon[3:274:4m]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Tenochtitlan[3:274:7]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Pyramid of the Sun[3:274:7m]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Sierra De Las Navajas[3:274:8]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Avenue of the Dead[3:274:8m]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Etrigan[5:294:5]
Destroyer of Worlds (N) 36<DT>Philosopher’s Stone[5:294:5m]
Destroyer of Worlds (n) 36<DT>Scourge of Carpathia[6:295:15]
Destroyer of Worlds (n) 36<DT>Sorrow of Maldavia[6:295:15m]
Harcourt Fenton Mudd (in) 218<DT>Colony[6:499:13]
Hoss (n) 212<DT>panhead[3:394:12]
Jammer (n) 71<DT>Pente[2:106:10]
Jammer (n) 71<DT>Beam[2:106:10m]
Jammer (n) 71<DT>Shift[2:106:6]
Jammer (n) 71<DT>Light[2:106:6m]
Jammer (N) 70<DT>Colony[3:299:4]
Jammer (N) 70<DT>Tito[3:299:4m]
Jammer (N) 70<DT>SuKR[3:299:5]
Jammer (N) 70<DT>Leech[3:299:5m]
Jammer (n) 70<DT>am[7:106:4]
Jammer (n) 70<DT>I[7:106:4m]
Jammer (n) 70<DT>out[7:106:5]
Jammer (n) 70<DT>here[7:106:6]
Jammer (n) 70<DT>Moon[7:106:6m]
Justme (n) 236<DT>BigD[2:497:6]
Justme (n) 236<DT>LittleD[2:497:8]
Justme (n) 237<DT>Justme3[3:497:11]
Justme (n) 237<DT>Justo[3:497:13]
Justme (n) 237<DT>Justme1[3:497:14]
Justme (n) 237<DT>Bob[3:497:4]
Justme (n) 237<DT>Titan[3:497:7]
Justme (n) 245<DT>Thing 2[4:497:6]
Justme (n) 245<DT>Thing 1[4:497:8]
Melanthius (Ipn) 224<DT>Colony[6:499:14]
Metalhead3SR (n) 54<DT>The Beatdown[1:247:8]
Metalhead3SR (n) 54<DT>Pyro Pete's Bar[1:247:8m]
Metalhead3SR (n) 55<DT>Dragon Keep[2:9:10]
Metalhead3SR (n) 55<DT>The Handsome Tower[2:9:10m]
Metalhead3SR55<DT>Thousand Cuts[3:301:4]
Metalhead3SR55<DT>Control Core Loading Dock[3:301:4m]
Metalhead3SR55<DT>Control Core Angel[4:474:4m]
Metalhead3SR55<DT>Orbital Delivery Zone[4:474:5m]
Metalhead3SR (n) 54<DT>Flamerock Refuge[4:499:1]
Metalhead3SR (n) 54<DT>Oasis[4:499:10]
Metalhead3SR (n) 54<DT>Colony[4:499:14]
Metalhead3SR (n) 54<DT>Unassuming Dock[4:499:1m]
Metalhead3SR (N) 55<DT>Washburne Refinery[5:195:12]
Metalhead3SR (N) 55<DT>Carbonslag Crater[5:195:12m]
Moby Dick (pn) 74<DT>Alcor[3:499:8]
Moby Dick (pn) 74<DT>A2[3:499:8m]
Moby Dick (pn) 74<DT>Nashira[4:499:2]
Moby Dick (pn) 74<DT>N1[4:499:2m]
Moby Dick (p) 75<DT>Colony[5:1:13]
Moby Dick (p) 75<DT>Moon[5:1:13m]
Moby Dick (p) 75<DT>Brachium[5:1:15]
Moby Dick (p) 75<DT>B1[5:1:15m]
Moby Dick (pN) 74<DT>Betelgeuse[5:47:6]
Moby Dick (pN) 74<DT>Moon[5:47:6m]
Moby Dick (pN) 74<DT>Alfa Centauri[5:146:12]
Moby Dick (pN) 74<DT>A1[5:146:12m]
Moby Dick (pN) 74<DT>Revenant[5:146:8h]
Moby Dick (pn) 75<DT>Castor[6:1:13]
Moby Dick (pn) 75<DT>C1[6:1:13m]
Moby Dick (pn) 74<DT>Lesath[7:199:6]
Moby Dick (pn) 74<DT>L1[7:199:6m]
mycoxaflopin68<DT>BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH[6:330:6]
mycoxaflopin (pn) 68<DT>Blah[6:340:10]
mycoxaflopin (pn) 68<DT>lamoon[6:340:10m]
mycoxaflopin68<DT>Blah Blah[6:348:5]
mycoxaflopin68<DT>Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah[6:362:5]
mycoxaflopin68<DT>Blah Blah Blah[6:382:3]
mycoxaflopin68<DT>BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH[6:390:7]
mycoxaflopin (p) 66<DT>BLAH A BUNCH OF TIMES[6:400:11]
mycoxaflopin (p) 66<DT>Doug[6:400:11m]
Sid Vicious (n) 190<DT>The Ramones[2:496:7]
Sid Vicious (n) 190<DT>Napolean XIV[3:100:12]
Sid Vicious (n) 262<DT>The Circle Jerks[4:27:13]
Sid Vicious (n) 262<DT>Black Flag[4:75:5]
Sid Vicious (n) 270<DT>X.[4:446:15]
slicker. (n) 20<DT>Pepsi[1:136:15]
slicker. (i) 21<DT>Sprite[1:376:15]
slicker. (in) 21<DT>Coke[4:95:14]
slicker.20<DT>Dr. Pepper[5:93:14]
slicker.20<DT>7 Up[5:93:15]
slicker.20<DT>Mt. Dew[7:330:13]
slicker.20<DT>Mr. Pibb[7:330:15]
slickerpimp.2<DT>Tiger Moon[1:122:6m]
slickerpimp. (N) 2<DT>Lion[1:197:15]
slickerpimp. (N) 2<DT>Lion Moon[1:197:15m]
slickerpimp.2<DT>Puma Moon[1:227:11m]
slickerpimp. (p) 2<DT>Alligator[1:247:7]
slickerpimp. (p) 2<DT>Alligator Moon[1:247:7m]
slickerpimp. (pN) 2<DT>Anaconda[1:254:12]
slickerpimp. (pN) 2<DT>Anaconda Moon[1:254:12m]
slickerpimp.2<DT>Cougar Moon[1:255:9m]
slickerpimp.2<DT>Hyena Moon[2:136:15m]
slickerpimp.2<DT>Condor Moon[2:376:15m]
slickerpimp.2<DT>Falcon Moon[4:95:11m]
The Hookman (n) 320<DT>Crisfield[1:136:5]
The Hookman (n) 320<DT>Colony[1:136:8]
The Hookman (n) 320<DT>Colony[1:136:9]
The Hookman (n) 315<DT>Colony[1:255:10]
vogan99 (n) 160<DT>+Vogon225[4:106:12]
vogan99 (n) 160<DT>Luni Lunar[4:106:12m]
vogan99 (n) 160<DT>Hephaestus[4:409:7h]
vogan99 (n) 160<DT>+pearl[5:109:4]
vogan99 (n) 160<DT>+Ares[5:111:5]
vogan99 (n) 158<DT>+62Mars(SY)[6:104:5]
vogan99 (n) 158<DT>Phobos[6:104:5m]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>+Fred[6:105:5]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>Alice[6:105:5m]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>+210[6:106:4]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>Alpha MB[6:106:4m]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>+NewPortNews[6:108:4]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>Luna[6:108:4m]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>+NewLondon[7:108:4]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>+Allairy(SY)[10:105:4]
vogan99 (n) 161<DT>Fairy moon[10:105:4m]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 6[1:468:13]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 8[3:479:13]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 8 moon[3:479:13m]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 1prime[3:479:2]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 1prime moon[3:479:2m]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 2[3:479:5]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 2 moon[3:479:5m]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 3[3:479:6]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 4[3:479:9]
Wizard5401p (N) 172<DT>wizard 9[5:438:4]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 7[8:101:10]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>wizard 7 moon[8:101:10m]
Wizard5401p (n) 172<DT>Wizard 7b[8:155:5]