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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
AthlonRob (In) 231ANHM&P[3:244:6]
AthlonRob (In) 231ANHS&W[3:244:7]
AthlonRob (In) 231ANHTitegroup[4:400:5]
AthlonRob (In) 231ANHMoon[4:400:5m]
AthlonRob (In) 231ANHBanana[4:400:6]
AthlonRob (In) 231ANHMoon[4:400:6m]
Commander Cool Rock (n) 237ANHColony[6:410:7]
Commander Cool Rock (n) 241ANHColony[6:411:1]
Commander Cool Rock (n) 237ANHColony[6:412:12]
Commander Cool Rock (n) 237ANHDeath Valley[6:413:13]
Commander Cool Rock (n) 237ANHColony[6:414:8]
Commander Cool Rock (n) 237ANHColony[6:415:9]
Commander Cool Rock (n) 237ANHColony[6:416:5]
George_Carlin (in) 281ANHRolls-Royce[1:383:3]
George_Carlin (in) 281ANHAchilles[1:383:3m]
George_Carlin (in) 280ANHBentley[2:321:7]
George_Carlin (in) 280ANHBellerophon[2:321:7m]
George_Carlin (n) 290ANHMaserati[3:333:1]
George_Carlin (n) 290ANHPorsche[3:333:15]
George_Carlin (n) 290ANHPussy Galore[3:333:15m]
George_Carlin (n) 290ANHVerity Lambert[3:333:1m]
George_Carlin (n) 290ANHFerrari[3:333:2]
George_Carlin (n) 290ANHFiona Volpe[3:333:2m]
George_Carlin (n) 281ANHLamborghini[4:321:4]
George_Carlin (n) 281ANHOrion[4:321:4m]
George_Carlin (in) 280ANHJaguar[5:333:15]
George_Carlin (in) 280ANHPerseus[5:333:15m]
George_Carlin (n) 283ANHLotus[6:234:1]
George_Carlin (n) 283ANHAston-Martin[6:234:9]
George_Carlin (n) 283ANHTheseus[6:234:9m]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHVegas 2[1:378:11]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHveg 2[1:378:11m]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHOne[1:378:5]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHsix[1:378:6]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHMoon[1:378:6m]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHseven[1:378:9]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHMoon[1:378:9m]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHVegas Prime[1:380:10]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHMoon[1:380:10m]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHtwo[1:382:10]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHMoon[1:382:10m]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHthree[1:407:3]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHMoon[1:407:3m]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHfour[1:408:2]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHMoon[1:408:2m]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHfive[1:408:7]
kevin rausch (n) 229ANHMoon[1:408:7m]
krd (n) 59ANHColony 320[1:147:15]
krd (n) 59ANHMoonRuby's 4peat[1:147:15m]
krd60ANHnext to nowhere[1:442:10]
krd60ANHKevin's legacy[1:442:10m]
krd (pN) 59ANHColony[4:80:3]
krd (pN) 59ANHRuby's legacy[4:80:3m]
krd (n) 60ANHColony[4:112:3]
krd (n) 60ANHLucky's charm[4:112:3m]
krd (n) 60ANHColony[4:112:5]
krd (n) 60ANHMoon[4:112:5m]
krd60ANHlong way from nowhere[7:180:7]
krd60ANHRuby's three-peat[7:180:7m]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHDylan Prime[1:380:4]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHAlpha[1:380:4m]
O'Hana (n) 253ANHBill F*cking Murray[4:115:6]
O'Hana (n) 253ANHThank You[4:115:6m]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHOH 1[8:180:1]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHSilent Lucidity[8:180:13h]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHOH 6[8:180:15]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHBeta[8:180:15m]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHMoon[8:180:1m]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHOH 2[8:180:2]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHOH 3[8:180:3]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHMoon[8:180:3m]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHOH 4[8:180:6]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHMoon[8:180:6m]
O'Hana (n) 255ANHOH 5[8:180:7]
Ruby Chicken (N) 55ANHSolarium Coop[4:82:15]
Ruby Chicken (N) 55ANHLucky Dragon[4:82:15m]
Ruby Chicken56ANHThe Hen House[5:336:1]
Ruby Chicken56ANHWith Ponts Aid[5:336:1m]
Ruby Chicken56ANHTractor Coop[7:180:12]
Ruby Chicken56ANHDawns Ray[7:180:12m]
Ruby Chicken56ANHGreens Run[7:180:15]
Ruby Chicken56ANHSpaghetti Please[7:180:15m]
Ruby Chicken56ANHRed Coop[7:180:5]
Ruby Chicken56ANHMonkey Droppings[7:180:5m]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHBakura[4:141:14]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHBakuraM[4:141:14m]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHHephaestus[4:141:5h]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHTelos[4:142:10]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHTelosM[4:142:10m]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHOnderan[4:142:11]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHPeragus[4:142:12]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHCorellia[4:142:13]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHColony[4:142:14]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHYalara[4:142:15]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHBonadan[4:142:5]
SystemCommand (n) 251ANHColony[4:142:8]