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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 91CEColony[1:1:6]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 91CEMoon[1:1:6m]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 91CEColony[1:2:6]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 91CEMoon[1:2:6m]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 92CEThe Bear's Den[2:224:1]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 92CEMoon[2:224:1m]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 94CEColony[2:258:4]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 94CEMoon[2:258:4m]
Admiral Bigbear (N) 91CEColony[2:416:5]
Admiral Bigbear (N) 91CEMoon[2:416:5m]
Admiral Bigbear (N) 93CEColony[3:94:7]
Admiral Bigbear (N) 93CEMoon[3:94:7m]
Admiral Bigbear (N) 94CEColony[5:251:5]
Admiral Bigbear (N) 94CEMoon[5:251:5m]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 91CEColony[10:499:6]
Admiral Bigbear (pn) 91CEMoon[10:499:6m]
Buddy Love (pn) 118CEPlanet Love[1:317:9]
Buddy Love (pn) 118CESatellite of Love[1:317:9m]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CEHephaestus[1:336:11h]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CETough Love[1:336:12]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CELove Gun[1:336:12m]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CEWhen It's Love[1:336:2]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CELove Walks In[1:336:2m]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CEIs This Love[1:336:5]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CELove Me Do[1:336:5m]
Buddy Love (pn) 115CELove Bites[2:345:4]
Buddy Love (pn) 115CETurbo Lover[2:345:4m]
Buddy Love116CEAll For Love[3:340:1]
Buddy Love116CELove Touch[3:340:1m]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CEPower of Love[4:301:10]
Buddy Love (pn) 119CEShot of Love[4:301:10m]
Buddy Love (pN) 116CELove Potion No. 9[5:210:5]
Buddy Love (pN) 116CELove Is A Battlefield[5:210:5m]
Buddy Love (pn) 116CELove Calling[6:333:8]
Buddy Love (pn) 116CELove Drive[6:333:8m]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEMiranda[1:336:8]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CESummer[1:336:8m]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEChapterhouse[1:385:10]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEDune[1:385:10m]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEStop back later[2:26:2]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEPotato[2:26:2m]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEPetra[2:28:3]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEKaedan Rules![2:28:3m]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CESafety Dance[2:28:4]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEDance if you want to[2:28:4m]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CESnore[2:28:5]
Captain No Pants (n) 42CEJuanTon Probe Toy[2:28:5m]
Captain No Pants (N) 42CEWinning[3:235:15]
Captain No Pants (N) 42CEFree booze[3:235:15m]
Captain No Pants (n) 40CEBeavis[4:240:13]
Captain No Pants (n) 40CEButthead[4:240:13m]
Captain No Pants (n) 43CEHot Soup[6:325:1]
Captain No Pants (n) 43CECold Spoon[6:325:1m]
Commander Ravenous (n) 30CEAlpha 3[1:111:14]
Commander Ravenous (n) 30CESee you next Time[1:111:14m]
Commander Ravenous (n) 30CEAlpha 2[1:111:6]
Commander Ravenous (n) 30CEMoon[1:111:6m]
Commander Ravenous (n) 30CEAlpha[1:111:8]
Commander Ravenous (n) 30CEMoon[1:111:8m]
Commander Ravenous30CEDarkness Descends[1:215:15]
Commander Ravenous30CEIo[1:215:15m]
Commander Ravenous (n) 30CEPERN[1:275:15]
Commander Ravenous (n) 30CE☣Moon ov Darkest Black☣[1:275:15m]
Commander Ravenous30CEAquarius[2:57:15]
Commander Ravenous30CE☣ Lunar Wolf ☣[2:57:15m]
Commander Ravenous30CEAndromeda[10:475:1]
Commander Ravenous30CEMoon[10:475:1m]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CEColony[1:176:12]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CEPetro[1:176:15]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CEPetro1[1:176:15m]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CEColony[1:176:5]
Darth Vader Sr (p) 17CEMars[1:254:10]
Darth Vader Sr (p) 17CEMars1[1:254:10m]
Darth Vader Sr (p) 17CEPluto[1:254:14]
Darth Vader Sr (p) 17CEPluto1[1:254:14m]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CEPlanet51[1:255:13]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CEMoon[1:255:13m]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CERock[1:255:15]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CERoll[1:255:15m]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CEEARTH[1:255:8]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CEGiant[1:255:8m]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CE☄️SoLittleDSP HB[1:256:4]
Darth Vader Sr (pn) 17CE☄️SoLittleDSP HB[1:256:4m]
Darth Vader Sr (p) 16CEFlying Dutchman[5:98:7h]
General Badland (pn) 97CEBlake's 7[1:153:15]
General Badland (pn) 97CELiberator[1:153:15m]
General Badland (pn) 98CEColony[1:255:5]
General Badland (pn) 98CEHephaestus[1:255:6h]
General Badland (n) 98CEStarTrek[1:308:9]
General Badland (n) 98CEEnterprise[1:308:9m]
General Badland (pn) 98CEBabylon 5[2:80:9]
General Badland (pn) 98CEWhitestar[2:80:9m]
General Badland (pn) 98CEStarWars[3:157:14]
General Badland (pn) 98CEMillennium Falcon[3:157:14m]
General Badland (pn) 96CEDoctorWho[3:250:12]
General Badland (pn) 96CETardis[3:250:12m]
General Badland (pn) 93CEStargate SG-1[4:200:6]
General Badland (pn) 93CEPrometheus[4:200:6m]
General Badland (pn) 93CEFarscape[4:200:7]
General Badland (pn) 93CEMoya[4:200:7m]
General Badland (p) 98CEFirefly[5:200:10]
General Badland (p) 98CESerenity[5:200:10m]
Ice Queen (n) 99CEnon ship building planet[1:25:15]
Ice Queen (n) 99CEFU Moon[1:25:15m]
Ice Queen (n) 101CEKeeper[1:242:4]
Ice Queen (n) 101CEDestroyer Moon[1:242:4m]
Ice Queen (n) 100CEICU2[1:374:15]
Ice Queen (n) 100CELove <3 Moon[1:374:15m]
Ice Queen (n) 100CEGogetem[2:281:15]
Ice Queen (n) 100CE225 dio Moon[2:281:15m]
Ice Queen (N) 100CECube[2:374:9]
Ice Queen (N) 100CEBlue Moon[2:374:9m]
Ice Queen (n) 100CESnow Storm[3:177:15]
Ice Queen (n) 100CEVortex Moon[3:177:15m]
Ice Queen (n) 100CEIce Castle[3:177:4]
Ice Queen (n) 100CEYaaa ..a Moon[3:177:4m]
Ice Queen (n) 100CEterra-nova[3:177:7]
Ice Queen (n) 100CET & A Moon[3:177:7m]
Ice Queen (n) 98CEFar Outpost[4:251:6]
Ice Queen (n) 98CELove Child Moon[4:251:6m]
no one at all (n) 77CEchief 320[1:111:10]
no one at all (n) 77CEAdmiral Bigbear[1:111:10m]
no one at all (n) 77CEIrons Angel‎[1:254:11]
no one at all (n) 77CEPlastic aki[1:254:11m]
no one at all (n) 78CEDamn Haggis[2:200:2]
no one at all (n) 78CEBledes[2:200:2m]
no one at all78CECorigador‎[3:426:5]
no one at all78CEDark Slayer‎[3:426:5m]
no one at all (N) 77CErickstir[4:420:12]
no one at all (N) 77CEPlastic aki 2[4:420:12m]
no one at all (n) 78CEpain in ass[6:124:13]
no one at all (n) 78CEHighlnder[6:124:13m]
no one at all (n) 78CE@lpharius[7:422:13]
no one at all (n) 78CEJondalar[7:422:13m]
no one at all (n) 78CEArmy Geddon[8:422:14]
no one at all (n) 78CEiron[8:422:14m]
no one at all (n) 78CESinclair's Eye 3[9:333:12]
no one at all (n) 78CEBill[9:333:12m]
no one at all (n) 78CEHephaestus[9:333:14h]
Predator (N) 44CEImpulse[1:163:14]
Predator (N) 44CECarnivore[1:163:14m]
Predator (n) 44CETrample[1:271:15]
Predator (n) 44CEForce of Nature[1:271:15m]
Predator (n) 44CEUnrelenting Fury[1:373:15]
Predator (n) 44CEFeeding Frenzy[1:373:15m]
Predator (N) 43CEPrimal Instinct[2:225:15]
Predator (N) 43CESlayer[2:225:15m]
Predator (N) 43CESeething RAGE[2:350:15]
Predator (N) 43CERavenous Maw[2:350:15m]
Predator (N) 44CEDeath Pit[3:233:15]
Predator (N) 44CEStalker's Lair[3:233:15m]
Predator (n) 44CEBeast[4:251:15]
Predator (n) 44CEClaw[4:251:15m]
Predator (N) 43CEBlood Trail[5:100:15]
Predator (N) 43CEBrutal Impact[5:100:15m]
Predator (N) 44CEFang[5:211:15]
Predator (N) 44CEVenom[5:211:15m]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CELeoban[1:160:5]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CEMoon[1:160:5m]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CEDr. of Gallifrey[1:160:8]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CEDr. Who?[1:160:8m]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CEIronsides[1:160:9]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CEMoon[1:160:9m]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CEColony[1:254:9]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CENOVA SIX-XG[1:275:11]
SaiWarrior (n) 73CENXG The Trickster[1:275:11m]
SaiWarrior (pn) 76CEValkyrie Stare[4:358:9]
SaiWarrior (pn) 76CEMoon[4:358:9m]
SaiWarrior (p) 76CEHail to the King![5:428:6]
SaiWarrior (pn) 74CEViper Strike[6:335:10h]
SaiWarrior (pn) 74CEWar Dog[6:335:11]
SaiWarrior (pn) 74CERoadKill's Carcus[6:335:11m]
SaiWarrior (pn) 75CEFree Heph Parking in SS[8:247:4]
SaiWarrior (pn) 75CEMoon[8:247:4m]
Xena (In) 294CEDomino[4:55:5]
Xena (In) 294CEShort term[4:55:6]