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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
King Damionz (N) 47G27sDraco[1:111:1]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sSOLD[1:111:11]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sMoon 5-14[1:111:11m]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sMoon 1-1[1:111:1m]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sColony[1:111:7]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sDeathgate[1:271:1]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sMoon 1-3[1:271:1m]
King Damionz (iN) 47G27sColony[2:224:10]
King Damionz (iN) 47G27sMoon 2-3[2:224:10m]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sMiami[3:340:12]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sMoon 3-12[3:340:12m]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sDallas[4:251:1]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sMoon 4-1[4:251:1m]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sDeathstar[5:209:15]
King Damionz (N) 47G27sMoon 5-15[5:209:15m]
King Damionz (iN) 47G27sHouston[6:111:15]
King Damionz (iN) 47G27sMoon 6-4[6:111:15m]