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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
~>DARK PRINCE~> (n) 196GRIMMthe tower[9:195:10]
~>DARK PRINCE~> (n) 196GRIMM2018[9:195:10m]
bassmaster183GRIMMEpsilon Prime[5:255:4]
bassmaster183GRIMMGamma Prime[5:255:5]
bassmaster (n) 177GRIMMTheta[6:55:3]
bassmaster (n) 177GRIMMMoon[6:55:3m]
bassmaster183GRIMMBeta Prime[6:110:4]
bassmaster181GRIMMAlpha Prime[6:151:4]
bassmaster (n) 182GRIMMDelta[6:207:5]
bassmaster (n) 182GRIMMMoon[6:207:5m]
bassmaster (n) 182GRIMMEpsilon[6:214:5]
bassmaster (n) 182GRIMMMoon[6:214:5m]
bassmaster (n) 182GRIMMZeta[6:214:6]
bassmaster (n) 182GRIMMMoon[6:214:6m]
bassmaster (n) 182GRIMMEta[6:214:7]
bassmaster (n) 182GRIMMMoon[6:214:7m]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMM† Planet #1[1:386:1]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMMoon[1:386:1m]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMM† Planet #2[1:395:3]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMMoon[1:395:3m]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMM† Planet #3[1:396:7]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMMoon[1:396:7m]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMM† Planet #4[1:397:2]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMMoon[1:397:2m]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMM† Planet #5[1:397:4]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMMoon[1:397:4m]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMplanet #7[1:399:12]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMM† Planet #6[1:399:3]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMMoon[1:399:3m]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMM† Planet #8[1:416:2]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMMoon[1:416:2m]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMM† Planet #9[1:416:3]
Ben Hur (n) 154GRIMMMoon[1:416:3m]
Buffalo Bill Cody187GRIMMSTICKLER[5:361:1]
Buffalo Bill Cody187GRIMMSOLSTICE-MOON[5:361:1m]
Buffalo Bill Cody187GRIMMREASONABLE[5:361:5]
Buffalo Bill Cody187GRIMMCARGOHOLD[5:361:5m]
Buffalo Bill Cody (n) 190GRIMMTWIDDLE DEE DEE[5:375:1]
Buffalo Bill Cody (n) 190GRIMMTWIDDLE DEE DUM[5:375:3]
Buffalo Bill Cody187GRIMMQUIVER[5:378:14]
Buffalo Bill Cody187GRIMMCOLONOSCOPY[5:378:3]
Buffalo Bill Cody187GRIMMHOLY MACKEREL ANDY[5:378:8]
Buffalo Bill Cody187GRIMM309[5:379:5]
Buffalo Bill Cody (n) 189GRIMMBaby Tramp[6:351:10]
Buffalo Bill Cody (n) 189GRIMMCRAZY_MOON[6:351:10m]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMBojour[6:339:10]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMEskia[6:339:11]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMQua'tary[6:339:12]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMHason[6:339:3]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMWaldron[6:339:5]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMKaatee[6:339:6]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMDavidia[6:339:7]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMMinime[6:339:7m]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMJaysed[6:339:8]
Commander Waldrop (n) 326GRIMMHorat[6:339:9]
Death696 (n) 164GRIMMC1[1:392:1]
Death696 (n) 164GRIMMC2[1:392:1m]
Death696 (n) 164GRIMMA1[5:374:1]
Death696 (n) 164GRIMMA2[5:374:1m]
Death696 (n) 164GRIMMBig gun[5:374:5h]
GeneralChaos (n) 66GRIMMCC[1:203:6]
GeneralChaos (n) 66GRIMMHworld[1:223:7]
GeneralChaos (n) 66GRIMMMoon[1:223:7m]
GeneralChaos (n) 66GRIMMDDx[1:243:6]
GeneralChaos (n) 66GRIMMMoon[1:243:6m]
GeneralChaos (n) 66GRIMMEEx[1:265:7]
Hanlin (n) 95GRIMMApocalypse[2:160:8]
Hanlin (n) 95GRIMMDeath[2:160:8m]
Hanlin (n) 95GRIMMGrand[3:51:10]
Hanlin (n) 95GRIMMVictory[3:51:10m]
Hanlin (n) 95GRIMMFair[3:426:8]
Hanlin (n) 95GRIMMObservation[3:426:8m]
Hanlin (n) 95GRIMMExceptional[6:55:5]
Hanlin (n) 95GRIMMView[6:55:5m]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMSaturn Moon 3[6:351:11]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMVenus[6:351:12]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMMoon[6:351:12m]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMSaturn Moon 4[6:351:13]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMSaturn Moon ![6:351:2]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMMoon[6:351:2m]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMEarth Moon[6:351:3]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMSaturn[6:351:4]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMEarth[6:351:5]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMMoon[6:351:5m]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMSaturn moon 2[6:351:7]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMMars[6:351:9]
Harrison Cliff (In) 219GRIMMMoon[6:351:9m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (In) 175GRIMMColony[1:315:6]
old bird foghorn leghorn (In) 175GRIMMMoon[1:315:6m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMwork it[1:392:5]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMNice new moon[1:392:5m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMbring it on[2:186:4]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMMoon[2:186:4m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMdo ya want some[3:374:5]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMof this???[3:374:5m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMColony[4:361:5]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMMoon[4:361:5m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (In) 175GRIMMco[5:212:5]
old bird foghorn leghorn (In) 175GRIMMmoon[5:212:5m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMColony[5:374:6]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMMoon[5:374:6m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMColonyim here[6:226:10]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMMoon[6:226:10m]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMColony[7:374:3]
old bird foghorn leghorn (in) 177GRIMMMoon[7:374:3m]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMColony[1:201:4]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMWar - 1[1:202:5]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMMoon[1:202:5m]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMWar - 2.2[2:128:4]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMMoon[2:128:4m]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMWar - 2[2:160:6]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMGrimms Eye[2:160:6m]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMWar - 3.2[3:51:7]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMMoon[3:51:7m]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMWar - 3[3:426:11]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMMoon of Pesitlence[3:426:11m]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMWar - 4[4:241:10]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMMoon of Pesitlence[4:241:10m]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMWar[5:291:7]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMWar - 6[6:55:13]
Star Fire (i) 80GRIMMThe Reapers Moon[6:55:13m]
the doctor 9173 (N) 61GRIMMNo rest[1:201:11]
the doctor 9173 (N) 61GRIMMMoon[1:201:11m]
the doctor 9173 (n) 60GRIMMPhoenix[1:391:14]
the doctor 9173 (n) 60GRIMMPhoenix.2[1:391:14m]
the doctor 9173 (N) 62GRIMMGallifrey[1:392:2]
the doctor 9173 (N) 62GRIMMVortex[1:392:2m]
the doctor 917360GRIMMSeussical[3:373:6]
the doctor 917360GRIMMOlivia[3:373:6m]
the doctor 9173 (N) 62GRIMMJuno[5:374:2]
the doctor 9173 (N) 62GRIMMMarina[5:374:2m]
the doctor 917360GRIMMOtherWorld[5:375:15]
the doctor 917360GRIMMGatekeeper[5:375:15m]
the doctor 9173 (N) 62GRIMMBig Rock[7:374:12]
the doctor 9173 (N) 62GRIMMSelena[7:374:12m]
the doctor 9173 (N) 62GRIMMTerranova[7:374:13]
the doctor 9173 (N) 62GRIMMLunar[7:374:13m]
the doctor 917360GRIMMFireBall[9:195:5]
the doctor 917360GRIMMMoon[9:195:5m]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMPestilence - 1[1:202:4]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMMoon[1:202:4m]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMPestilence - 1.1[1:228:4]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMMoon[1:228:4m]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMPestilence - 2.2[2:128:6]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMMoon[2:128:6m]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMPestilence - 2[2:160:5]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMMoon of Famine[2:160:5m]
Your Darkness (i) 77GRIMMPestilence - 3.1[3:51:3]
Your Darkness (i) 77GRIMMMoon[3:51:3m]
Your Darkness (i) 77GRIMMPestilence - 3[3:426:10]
Your Darkness (i) 77GRIMMMoon[3:426:10m]
Your Darkness (i) 77GRIMMPestilence[4:241:12]
Your Darkness (i) 77GRIMMMoon of War[4:241:12m]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMPestilence - 5[5:291:6]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMPestilence - 6[6:55:11]
Your Darkness (i) 78GRIMMMoon[6:55:11m]
Zenyatta (n) 92GRIMMRialto[1:200:6]
Zenyatta (n) 92GRIMMMoon[1:200:6m]
Zenyatta (N) 88GRIMMNumbani[3:79:11]
Zenyatta (N) 88GRIMMSong of Lucio[3:79:11m]
Zenyatta (n) 91GRIMMIlios[3:321:8]
Zenyatta (n) 91GRIMMMoon[3:321:8m]
Zenyatta (N) 93GRIMMEco-point Antarctica[3:429:15]
Zenyatta (N) 93GRIMMMoon[3:429:15m]
Zenyatta (n) 92GRIMMAnubis[4:125:10]
Zenyatta (n) 92GRIMMCaptain Amari's Perch[4:125:10m]
Zenyatta (n) 93GRIMMGibraltar[4:321:8]
Zenyatta (n) 93GRIMMWinston's Lab[4:321:8m]
Zenyatta (n) 92GRIMMLijiang[5:79:3]
Zenyatta (n) 92GRIMMMoon[5:79:3m]
Zenyatta (N) 86GRIMMHollywood[10:111:8]
Zenyatta (N) 86GRIMMMoon[10:111:8m]