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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPAJ.D.& ice[3:9:13]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPAHeat Seeker[3:9:13m]
Commander kenneth (pN) 27IPABaldvag[5:15:6]
Commander kenneth (pN) 27IPAFreedom[5:15:6m]
Commander kenneth (p) 28IPABlack Ice *[6:124:14]
Commander kenneth (p) 28IPABlack Moon ✈[6:124:14m]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPAZero[6:240:6]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPAShotgun[6:240:6m]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPAMuff Diver[6:308:6]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPAHoly Bing Bong[6:308:6m]
Commander kenneth (N) 27IPABig Mac Moon[6:351:15]
Commander kenneth (N) 27IPABobzillion[6:351:15m]
Commander kenneth (N) 27IPADiamonds Moon[6:370:6]
Commander kenneth (N) 27IPAPink Cream 69[6:370:6m]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPATwisterizer Moon[6:391:4]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPABabylon 5[6:391:4m]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPAAnarchy Moon[6:411:5]
Commander kenneth (N) 29IPAFloppy Taco[6:411:5m]
Groucho (N) 44IPAGalactic Waste Management[2:400:14]
Groucho (N) 44IPALandfill[2:400:14m]
Groucho (N) 44IPABrazilwood[6:88:5]
Groucho (N) 44IPABrazil ☽[6:88:5m]
Groucho (N) 44IPABeechwood[6:107:5]
Groucho (N) 44IPABeech ☽[6:107:5m]
Groucho (n) 44IPANewwood[6:124:5]
Groucho (n) 44IPANew ☽[6:124:5m]
Groucho (n) 44IPADogwood[6:147:5]
Groucho (n) 44IPADog ☽[6:147:5m]
Groucho (N) 44IPAMorningwood[6:167:5]
Groucho (N) 44IPAMorning ☽[6:167:5m]
Groucho (N) 44IPACottonwood[6:187:5]
Groucho (N) 44IPACotton ☽[6:187:5m]
Groucho (N) 44IPADriftwood[6:205:5]
Groucho (N) 44IPADrift ☽[6:205:5m]
Groucho (N) 44IPARedwood[6:225:5]
Groucho (N) 44IPARed ☽[6:225:5m]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPAColossae[6:51:4]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPALycus[6:51:4m]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPAAbydos[6:85:3]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPALeander[6:85:3m]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPADelos[6:123:7]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPALeto[6:123:7m]
Twysted Dreemz (p) 24IPAByzantium[6:124:12]
Twysted Dreemz (p) 24IPAMegara[6:124:12m]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 24IPAEresos[6:173:3]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 24IPASappho[6:173:3m]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 24IPAEvent Horizon[6:173:6h]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 24IPAForos[6:213:5]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 24IPALesina[6:213:5m]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPAGythium[6:257:4]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPAKythera[6:257:4m]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPAHistria[6:297:15]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPALister[6:297:15m]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPAIasus[6:337:14]
Twysted Dreemz (pN) 25IPANestor[6:337:14m]