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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDPuff, the magic dragon[5:464:15]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDiMoon by Wyvern[5:464:15m]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDHonalee[5:465:10]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDiMoon by Yellow Spot[5:465:10m]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDLittle Jackie Paper[5:465:11]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDiMoon by star crusher[5:465:11m]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDstrings and sealing wax[5:465:12]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDPainted wings[5:465:13]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDiMoon by star crusher[5:465:13m]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDGiant rings[5:465:14]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDDragon[5:465:15]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDlived by the sea[5:465:5]
A.C.M.E. (N) 219KKNDfrolicked in autumn mist[5:465:9]
jeepman (n) 133KKNDColony[3:450:9]
jeepman (n) 133KKNDMoon[3:450:9m]
jeepman (n) 133KKNDColony[3:468:7]
jeepman (n) 133KKNDMoon[3:468:7m]
jeepman (pn) 131KKNDHomeworld[4:127:10]
jeepman (pn) 131KKNDMoon[4:127:10m]
jeepman (pn) 131KKNDHephaestus[4:127:11h]
jeepman (pn) 131KKNDColony[4:127:2]
jeepman (pn) 131KKNDMoon[4:127:2m]
jeepman (pn) 131KKND320[4:127:9]
jeepman (pn) 131KKNDMoon[4:127:9m]
Tony G (p) 75KKNDThe Way You Look Tonight[1:281:12]
Tony G (p) 75KKNDSilhouettes[1:281:12m]
Tony G (pn) 75KKNDTonight[3:281:4]
Tony G (pn) 75KKNDBlue Moon[3:281:4m]
Tony G (pn) 75KKNDOldie But Goodie[3:281:5h]
Tony G (pn) 127KKNDOh What a Night[3:323:5]
Tony G (pn) 127KKNDTill Then[3:323:5m]
Tony G (pn) 94KKNDRama Lama Ding Dong[3:363:5]
Tony G (pn) 94KKNDA Moon Out Tonight[3:363:5m]
Tony G (pN) 75KKNDIn the Still of the Night[3:450:7]
Tony G (pN) 75KKNDDuke of Earl[3:450:7m]
Tony G (pN) 75KKNDEarth Angel[3:468:5]
Tony G (pN) 75KKNDPennies from Heaven[3:468:5m]
Tony G (pn) 89KKND16 Candles[4:127:5]
Tony G (pn) 89KKNDjeepman's Craftiness[4:127:5m]
Tony G (p) 75KKNDLittle Darlin'[4:281:4]
Tony G (p) 75KKNDBlueberry Hill[4:281:4m]