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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
D. Henry Heidecker (n) 177MISFITSPosleen Refuge[3:58:9]
D. Henry Heidecker (n) 177MISFITSMoon[3:58:9m]
D. Henry Heidecker (n) 176MISFITSFrigidaire[4:484:15]
D. Henry Heidecker (n) 176MISFITSMoon[4:484:15m]
D. Henry Heidecker (n) 177MISFITSColony[9:57:10]
D. Henry Heidecker (n) 177MISFITSColony[10:279:10]
GHOST333 (pn) 15MISFITSCAAB2[1:111:4]
GHOST333 (pn) 15MISFITSMoon[1:111:4m]
GHOST333 (pn) 15MISFITSUNIS[1:201:4]
GHOST333 (pn) 15MISFITSUNIS MOON[1:201:4m]
GHOST333 (p) 18MISFITSDELPHA[2:128:6]
GHOST333 (p) 18MISFITSDEL MOON[2:128:6m]
GHOST333 (p) 18MISFITSDINO[2:128:7h]
GHOST333 (p) 22MISFITSBRL MOON[2:160:5m]
GHOST333 (pN) 27MISFITSEPS MOON[3:51:3m]
GHOST333 (pN) 26MISFITSCENTRAL[3:426:10]
GHOST333 (pN) 26MISFITSCEN MOON[3:426:10m]
GHOST333 (pN) 15MISFITSMoon[4:119:9m]
GHOST333 (pN) 26MISFITSMoon[4:241:5m]
Hailey (p) 7MISFITS......[1:227:2]
Hailey (p) 7MISFITS.......[1:227:2m]
Hailey (N) 7MISFITSYou aint pimp enough[1:228:1]
Hailey (N) 7MISFITSto handle this ho[1:228:1m]
Hailey (N) 7MISFITSTY 4 DSP P-Marker Warrior[1:228:2h]
Hailey (p) 7MISFITS....[1:247:5]
Hailey (p) 7MISFITS.....[1:247:5m]
Hailey (N) 7MISFITSColony[1:254:8]
Hailey (N) 7MISFITSMoon[1:254:8m]
Hailey (N) 7MISFITS2 lil exiled sitting in P[2:60:15]
Hailey (N) 7MISFITSSoo Scared of lil ol ME![2:60:15m]
Hailey (p) 7MISFITS...........[2:128:3]
Hailey (p) 7MISFITS............[2:128:3m]
Hailey (pN) 8MISFITS...............[3:426:6]
Hailey (pN) 8MISFITS.................[3:426:6m]
Havoc 33 (pn) 26MISFITSVandenberg Air Force Base[1:111:15]
Havoc 33 (pn) 26MISFITSStarfire Optical Range[1:111:15m]
Havoc 33 (pn) 26MISFITSColony[1:201:12]
Havoc 33 (pN) 25MISFITSWar Children[3:30:10]
Havoc 33 (pN) 25MISFITSIt's just a shot away[3:30:10m]
Havoc 33 (pN) 25MISFITSDugway Proving Ground[3:171:14]
Havoc 33 (pN) 25MISFITSNuStar[3:171:14m]
Havoc 33 (pN) 26MISFITSRa's Al Ghul[3:263:14h]
Havoc 33 (pN) 26MISFITSKodiak Naval Base[3:263:15]
Havoc 33 (pN) 26MISFITSAleutian Moon[3:263:15m]
Havoc 33 (pN) 19MISFITSMad Bull[3:331:10]
Havoc 33 (pN) 19MISFITS34th Precinct[3:331:10m]
Havoc 33 (N) 25MISFITSSêrtar[4:353:3]
Havoc 33 (N) 25MISFITSEye of the Buddha[4:353:3m]
Havoc 33 (pN) 26MISFITSNaval Station Norfolk[5:148:7]
Havoc 33 (pN) 26MISFITSNational RA Observatory[5:148:7m]
Havoc 33 (pN) 26MISFITSFort Alcatraz[5:301:5]
Havoc 33 (pN) 26MISFITSMt. Wilson Observatory[5:301:5m]
Iceman99 (n) 24MISFITSIcee[1:201:14]
Iceman9924MISFITSIce Reborn[1:392:4]
Iceman9924MISFITSThe Doctor[1:392:4m]
Iceman99 (N) 23MISFITSIce Pick[3:374:3]
Iceman99 (N) 23MISFITSSucker's Ingenuity[3:374:3m]
Iceman99 (n) 24MISFITSIceber Alley[5:226:5]
Iceman99 (n) 24MISFITSSuvwI' neH[5:226:5m]
Iceman99 (n) 24MISFITSColony[5:226:6]
Iceman99 (n) 24MISFITSMayhem's Frankenstein[5:226:6m]
Iceman99 (n) 24MISFITSMayhem's Frankenstein[5:374:4]
Iceman99 (n) 24MISFITSАндромеда's Landing[5:374:4m]
Iceman99 (N) 22MISFITSIce Field II[6:226:5]
Iceman99 (N) 22MISFITSDarth JT's Landing[6:226:5m]
Iceman99 (n) 23MISFITSCold Front[7:373:5]
Iceman99 (n) 23MISFITSSucker's Gift[7:373:5m]
Iceman99 (N) 21MISFITSStubborn Planet[9:195:6]
Iceman99 (N) 21MISFITSLost In Space[9:195:6m]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSDark Star[1:127:10]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSAngel. Of Darkness[1:127:10m]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSLetic's World[1:201:6]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSProperty of Lorraine ☠[1:201:6m]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSWar Ogre's Castle[1:227:3]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSBattle Axe[1:227:3m]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSON[1:247:6]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSVACATION[1:247:6m]
Iron Shadow (pN) 3MISFITSWinter is coming[1:254:6]
Iron Shadow (pN) 3MISFITSJune 24th[1:254:6m]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSIsland of MISFIT toys[1:315:10]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSInquire within[1:315:10m]
Iron Shadow (p) 3MISFITSThe Black Pearl ☠[1:315:9h]
Iron Shadow (pN) 3MISFITSK1 next year[2:60:6]
Iron Shadow (pN) 3MISFITSOverwatch[2:60:6m]
Iron Shadow (N) 3MISFITSBis zum Tod[3:426:2]
Iron Shadow (N) 3MISFITSDer Erlkönig[3:426:2m]
Iron Shadow (pN) 3MISFITSBig Brothers House[4:119:14]
Iron Shadow (pN) 3MISFITSIPA on Tap[4:119:14m]
Irons Angel11MISFITSForever[1:127:3]
Irons Angel11MISFITSAn Angel[1:127:3m]
Irons Angel11MISFITSAnd from the darkness[1:201:15]
Irons Angel11MISFITSshe dissappeared[1:201:15m]
Irons Angel11MISFITStotally[1:227:6]
Irons Angel11MISFITSnothing[1:227:6m]
Irons Angel11MISFITSMRS[1:254:5]
Irons Angel11MISFITSMARTEL[1:254:5m]
Irons Angel (N) 11MISFITSTIAS[3:426:3]
Irons Angel (N) 11MISFITSCUPBOARD[3:426:3m]
Irons Angel (N) 11MISFITSIron's Toy Box ☠[4:119:15]
Irons Angel (N) 11MISFITSis waxed :)[4:119:15m]
Irons Angel (N) 11MISFITSsurplus[5:161:3]
Irons Angel (N) 11MISFITSrebound[5:161:3m]
Irons Angel (N) 11MISFITSeven angels[6:124:6]
Irons Angel (N) 11MISFITSflutter and fall[6:124:6m]
Irons Angel11MISFITSnever be[6:426:7]
Irons Angel11MISFITSnumber one[6:426:7m]
Jondalar10MISFITSThe Song Remains[1:254:3]
Jondalar10MISFITSThe Same[1:254:3m]
Jondalar10MISFITSNinth Cave[3:399:4]
Jondalar10MISFITSNinth Gate[3:399:4m]
Jondalar (N) 10MISFITSBob The Builder[4:94:15m]
Jondalar10MISFITSCrunch Time![5:91:5m]
Jondalar (N) 10MISFITSAmerica's Funniest[5:351:6]
Jondalar (N) 10MISFITSBOB SAGET[5:351:6m]
Jondalar10MISFITSIRON CHEF[6:93:15]
Jondalar10MISFITSBOBBY FLAY[6:93:15m]
King Lucifer (p) 14MISFITSWarriorz[1:111:12]
King Lucifer (p) 14MISFITSWarriorz Moon[1:111:12m]
King Lucifer (p) 14MISFITSOversized Condenser[1:111:5h]
King Lucifer (pn) 14MISFITSColony[1:201:1]
King Lucifer14MISFITSDeathgate[1:305:5]
King Lucifer14MISFITSDeathstar[1:305:5m]
King Lucifer (pn) 14MISFITSOversized Condenser[2:224:13h]
King Lucifer (pn) 14MISFITS^^Shadow[2:224:15]
King Lucifer (pn) 14MISFITS^Predator[2:224:15m]
King Lucifer (pN) 14MISFITS"Earthquake[3:440:5]
King Lucifer (pN) 14MISFITStremors[3:440:5m]
King Lucifer (pN) 13MISFITSThe Shadow[4:209:3]
King Lucifer (pN) 13MISFITS*Draco[4:209:3m]
King Lucifer (pn) 33MISFITS*Ghost*[4:488:3]
King Lucifer (pn) 33MISFITS*Kip Kastle*[4:488:3m]
King Lucifer (N) 14MISFITSI see the ---[5:209:5]
King Lucifer (N) 14MISFITSlight[5:209:5m]
King Lucifer (pN) 14MISFITS$Bluestar[6:111:1]
King Lucifer (pN) 14MISFITS$Blumoon[6:111:1m]
Major - Disaster (n) 215MISFITSDead[6:39:15]
Major - Disaster (n) 215MISFITSParting Gift[6:39:15m]
Major - Disaster (n) 215MISFITSIce Palace[6:277:4]
Major - Disaster (n) 215MISFITSIt's a bit Chili...[6:277:4m]
Major - Disaster (n) 216MISFITSEco Disaster[8:277:4]
Major - Disaster (n) 216MISFITSThe Aftermath[8:277:4m]
Major Mayhem (n) 16MISFITSPizza the Hutt[1:201:13]
Major Mayhem (n) 16MISFITSIce House[1:201:13m]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSRicochet Rabbit[1:202:4h]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSP.I.T.A.[1:202:7]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSMajor Pita[1:202:7m]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSSpaceball[1:392:7]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSDruidia[1:392:7m]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSDot Matrix[2:186:6]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSVespa[2:186:6m]
Major Mayhem (pN) 15MISFITSAchoo[3:374:7]
Major Mayhem (pN) 15MISFITSASneeze[3:374:7m]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSBarfolomew[4:361:7]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSDark Helmet[4:361:7m]
Major Mayhem (N) 15MISFITSGroot[5:212:6]
Major Mayhem (N) 15MISFITSRocket[5:212:6m]
Major Mayhem (n) 16MISFITSLonestar[5:374:8]
Major Mayhem (n) 16MISFITSThe Schwartz[5:374:8m]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSMongo[7:374:7]
Major Mayhem16MISFITSSheriff Bart[7:374:7m]
Muszoo (p) 23MISFITSWar - 1[1:202:5]
Muszoo (p) 23MISFITSMoon[1:202:5m]
Muszoo (p) 22MISFITSWar - 2.2[2:128:4]
Muszoo (p) 22MISFITSMoon[2:128:4m]
Muszoo20MISFITSWar - 2[2:160:6]
Muszoo20MISFITSGrimms Eye[2:160:6m]
Muszoo (pN) 21MISFITSWar - 3.2[3:51:7]
Muszoo (pN) 21MISFITSMoon[3:51:7m]
Muszoo (pN) 21MISFITSWar - 3[3:426:11]
Muszoo (pN) 21MISFITSMoon of Pesitlence[3:426:11m]
Muszoo (pN) 24MISFITSWar - 4[4:241:10]
Muszoo (pN) 24MISFITSMoon of Pesitlence[4:241:10m]
Muszoo (pN) 23MISFITSWar[5:291:7]
Muszoo (pN) 23MISFITSWar - 6[6:55:13]
Muszoo (pN) 23MISFITSThe Reapers Moon[6:55:13m]
OB1-CAN-OB (p) 79MISFITSSaturn[4:335:15]
OB1-CAN-OB (p) 79MISFITSSaturnMoon[4:335:15m]
octozep (pn) 69MISFITSArcturus[1:161:15]
octozep (pn) 69MISFITSPolaris[1:161:15m]
octozep (n) 69MISFITSPerseus[1:201:8]
octozep (n) 69MISFITSArgo[1:201:8m]
octozep (n) 68MISFITSOrion[1:311:14]
octozep (n) 68MISFITSBetelgeuse[1:311:14m]
octozep (pN) 68MISFITSAldair[2:210:15]
octozep (pN) 68MISFITSCapella[2:210:15m]
octozep (p) 68MISFITSCarina[3:65:15]
octozep (p) 68MISFITSPleiades[3:65:15m]
octozep (N) 69MISFITSVega[5:345:6]
octozep (N) 69MISFITSAlgol[5:345:6m]
octozep (p) 68MISFITSSpica[6:234:10]
octozep (p) 68MISFITSMira[6:234:10m]
octozep (n) 68MISFITSRegulus[7:215:9]
octozep (n) 68MISFITSLyrica[7:215:9m]
octozep (N) 66MISFITSDeneb[9:215:9]
octozep (N) 66MISFITSAndromeda[9:215:9m]
Plastic aki6MISFITSColony[1:111:2]
Plastic aki6MISFITSMoon[1:111:2m]
Plastic aki6MISFITSLife is a one time offer[1:111:9]
Plastic aki6MISFITSSo use it well.[1:111:9m]
Plastic aki6MISFITSPretty sure[1:127:14]
Plastic aki6MISFITSChange is good[1:127:14m]
Plastic aki6MISFITSWe are strong as One[1:201:3]
Plastic aki6MISFITSTogether Unstoppable[1:201:3m]
Plastic aki6MISFITSOpen house please[1:227:5]
Plastic aki6MISFITSDrop by and visit[1:227:5m]
Plastic aki (N) 6MISFITSI saw the whole of the[1:254:4]
Plastic aki (N) 6MISFITSMoon[1:254:4m]
Plastic aki (pN) 6MISFITSTrying to be someone else[3:159:7]
Plastic aki (pN) 6MISFITSA waste of who you are[3:159:7m]
Plastic aki (N) 6MISFITSI have something[4:94:4]
Plastic aki (N) 6MISFITSSpecial for you[4:94:4m]
Plastic aki (pN) 6MISFITSIf your ship cant come in[5:201:6]
Plastic aki (pN) 6MISFITSSwim out and meet it !![5:201:6m]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSNo rest[1:201:11]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSMoon[1:201:11m]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSAubree[1:201:5]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSSelena[1:201:5m]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSPhoenix[1:391:14]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSPhoenix.2[1:391:14m]
the doctor 917334MISFITSGallifrey[1:392:2]
the doctor 917334MISFITSVortex[1:392:2m]
the doctor 9173 (N) 34MISFITSSeussical[3:373:6]
the doctor 9173 (N) 34MISFITSOlivia[3:373:6m]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSJuno[5:374:2]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSMarina[5:374:2m]
the doctor 9173 (N) 34MISFITSOtherWorld[5:375:15]
the doctor 9173 (N) 34MISFITSGatekeeper[5:375:15m]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSTerranova[7:374:13]
the doctor 9173 (n) 34MISFITSLunar[7:374:13m]
the doctor 9173 (N) 40MISFITSFireBall[9:195:5]
the doctor 9173 (N) 40MISFITSMoon[9:195:5m]