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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Commander 6580176 (n) 241TFA+2Vulcan(SY)[4:9:4]
Commander 6580176 (n) 241TFALuna 1[4:9:4m]
Commander 6580176 (n) 235TFA+225[4:365:4]
Commander 6580176 (n) 238TFAHephaestus[4:409:15h]
Commander 6580176 (n) 238TFA+Portsmith[5:104:5]
Commander 6580176 (n) 238TFAmooring[5:104:5m]
Commander 6580176 (n) 236TFA+191[6:365:5]
Commander 6580176 (n) 236TFAMoon[6:365:5m]
Commander 6580176 (n) 241TFA+164a[7:365:4]
Commander 6580176 (n) 241TFA+182a[7:366:4]
Commander 6580176 (n) 241TFA+Area 51[8:366:9]
Commander 6580176 (n) 241TFA+NewLondon[10:110:3]
Commander 6580176 (n) 241TFAHarbor[10:110:3m]
Commander 6580176 (n) 236TFA+Newport News[10:398:9]
Commander 6580176 (n) 236TFADryDock[10:398:9m]
Darth Gulu (n) 246TFAGamma[1:55:10]
Darth Gulu (n) 246TFAMoon[1:55:10m]
Darth Gulu (n) 246TFARISK?[1:55:8]
Darth Gulu (n) 246TFAMoon[1:55:8m]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAPea Soup[4:278:10]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAMoon[4:278:10m]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAShrubbery[4:278:11]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAMoon[4:278:11m]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAfrostbite[4:278:13]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAMoon[4:278:13m]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFABETA[4:278:15]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAMoon[4:278:15m]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAIthaca[4:278:2]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAMoon[4:278:2m]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAColony[4:278:7]
Darth Gulu (n) 249TFAMoon[4:278:7m]
Darth Gulu (n) 258TFAColony[8:119:2]
Darth Gulu (n) 258TFAMoon[8:119:2m]
Nobody (n) 196TFABig One[1:150:10]
Nobody (n) 196TFABig One Moon[1:150:10m]
Nobody (N) 196TFAE-Colony[5:275:7]
Nobody (N) 196TFAE-Colony Moon[5:275:7m]
Nobody (n) 194TFAG6R4-TR[6:150:4]
Nobody (n) 194TFAG6R4M[6:150:4m]
Nobody (n) 194TFAG6R5[6:150:5]
Nobody (n) 194TFAG6R5M[6:150:5m]
Nobody (n) 194TFANobody not home[6:150:6]
Nobody (n) 194TFANobody Moon Launch Site[6:150:6m]
Nobody (n) 194TFAZG6B3[6:150:7]
Nobody (n) 194TFAZG6B3 Moon[6:150:7m]
Nobody (n) 194TFAG6R3[6:150:8]
Nobody (n) 194TFAG6R3 Moon[6:150:8m]
Nobody (n) 194TFAG6Z2[6:150:9]
Nobody (n) 194TFAG6Z2 Moon[6:150:9m]
Nobody (n) 194TFAD-G5[9:333:7]
Nobody (n) 194TFAD-G5M[9:333:7m]
Porkchop (I) 207TFAMiddleton[2:64:4]
Porkchop (I) 207TFACunningham[2:165:1]
Porkchop (I) 207TFAWhite[2:165:4]
Porkchop (I) 207TFAStrand[2:365:4]
Porkchop (I) 207TFAAdams[2:365:8]
Porkchop (I) 207TFAWeston[2:365:8m]